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Sensory stimulation with an inmu

The inmu is made for sensory stimulation. Let your hands explore the cover, let the vibrations spread through your body and experience how your movements change the music.



To prevent falling

inmuRELAX can be used to strengthen some of the motor skills needed to maintain balance. And good balance is an important prerequisite for preventing falls. The course goes through a series of simple exercises that can also be used as part of daily motor training for one or more participants.
Fall prevention with the inmu = balance training. Body balance training is always based on the individual's needs and capabilities.


Use inmuJOY therapeutically

This video briefly introduces you to inmuJOY's possibilities and how you can use it therapeutically for sensory stimulation: through movement, touch and vibration.


Training skills to be able to put on clothes

The course focuses on training some of the skills that are necessary to be able to be self-reliant when dressing.


Stimulating the sense of touch and skin with inmuJOY

inmuJOY's cover consists of many different elements. Learn how to use them for sensory stimulation. Different fabric types, ribbons and stitching. The course briefly reviews the individual elements, so that you get a sense of the possibilities and how you can use inmuJOY for various forms of tactile sensory stimulation.


Stimulation of the touch-skin sense with vibrations

By stimulating the skin, the whole body is stimulated. By stimulating the skin with vibrations, all the skin's many layers and "bodies" are stimulated. The vibrations also affect connective tissue, muscles, tendons, bones, nerve pathways and organs. In the course you will learn how inmuRELAX can be placed on the body and primarily stimulate the touch-skin sense.


To prepare a transfer

To be able to transfer oneself from bed to wheelchair, it is necessary to be able to both feel and use one's upper body. In this course you will practice how you can use inmu make the user more conscious of where the body is.


Training skills to be able to eat

Makes eating easier. In this course you can learn how to use an inmu to train some of the skills necessary to be able to eat by yourself. The course gives you some simple exercises which can be expanded so that the individual user's special needs are taken into account. The exercises can also be done by several participants at the same time – possibly as part of daily motor training.