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inmuDANCE courses


Get familiar with inmuDANCE

In the video, you get a brief overview of inmuDANCE's possibilities (the cover's tactile elements, the vibrations, music and movement). It shows how the inmu becomes silent when it is lying still and only plays music when it is touched or you move together with it. In addition, you will also get a few suggestions on how you can introduce the inmu for the first time to new users.


Learn more about inmuDANCE

In this course you will get an introduction to the elements of inmuDANCE through 7 short videos: How you can work especially with the tactile possibilities of the cover, how the vibrations can be used, what possibilities the music universe offers as well as inspiration for a few of the activities you can do with inmuDANCE. The 1st video shows how the inmu reacts to touch and movement.